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Invited Guest speakers

from Overseas

Yoshio Okada
Director of Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Program at Children’s Hospital, Boston, USA.
Liying Cui
Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing, China
Past President of Chinese Society of EMG & Clinical Neurophysiology
Hsiang-Yu Yu
Neurological Instituta, Taipei Veterans General Hospital
President of the Taiwan Epilepsy Society
Manfaluthy Hakim
Department of Neurology, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia.
President of the ICCN2024.
Thoru Yamada
Department of Neurology, University of Iowa, USA
Specialist of EEG and Epilepsy

from Japan

Tadashi Isa
Department of Neuroscience, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University.
Ko Matsui
Division of Interdisciplinary Medical Science, Graduate School of Medicine, Tohoku University.
Kaoru Takakusaki
Department of Physiology, School of Medicine Medical Course, Asahikawa Medical College.
Fumino Fujiyama
Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine Physiological Science, Hokkaido University.

General Program for Foreigner

  • 1) Invited Special Lectures
  • 2) Pioneer Lectures
  • 3) Joint Symposium with IFCN-AO and JSCN
  • 4) Joint Symposium with ICME and JSCN2023
  • 5) Virtual Hands on Lectures of EMG and EEG for Beginners

The world’s renowned speakers will share their expertise, remarkable achievement, and recent findings on Clinical Neurophysiology. Also, papers from participants will be presented as oral or poster presentations. In addition to in-person participation at Fukuoka Convention Center, the meeting will also be available live streaming to provide more people the access to world-class researches for three days.

The 53rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Neurophysiology (JSCN2023)/The 60th Japan Clinical Neurophysiological Society Technical Seminar